Athboy Men Who Served In WW1

1914 – 1918

The following is a list of men from Athboy and the surrounding area who are known to have served during the First World War 1914 – 1918

Bell, Christopher – Joined Royal Navy in 1916
Bellew, Thomas – Royal Engineers and Leinster Regiment
Brownlow, Maurice – Royal Engineers and Royal Dublin Fusiliers                                                    (brother in  Australian Imperial Force)
Burke, Henry – 5th Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers
Cassidy, ? – Irish Guards
Clark, Joseph – Royal Engineers
Clarke, James – 5th Leinsters
Coghill, Jocelyn Kendal – 3rd Btn South Wales Borderers, joined as an                                        Officer
Colville, Joseph – Irish Guards
Conlon, Bernard – Irish Guards
Crummy, James – Dublin Fusiliers
Englishby, James – Irish Guards
Farrelly, James – 5th Dublin Fusiliers
Fitzgerald, John – Army Service Corp
Fitzgibbons, James – Irish Guards
Fox, James – Irish Guards
Gaffney, Philip – 5th Leinsters
Grene, John Herbert Cecil – 7920 Royal Army Medical Corps.                      Holland, Patrick – Royal Garrison Artillery
Hughes, Michael – 5th Leinsters                                                                                    Harvey, Charles Dacre – Royal Dublin Fusiliers                                                       Harvey, George Alfred Duncan – Doctor. Director of Medical Services                                           5th Army, Western Front
Jones, Felix Temple Mordecai – 5th Leinsters, joined as an Officer
Jones, Ion Mordecai – 5th Leinsters, joined as an Officer
Jones, Guy Temple Mordecai – Leinsters Trench Mortar Battalion,                                                joined as an Officer
Knott, John E. – Southern Irish Horse, joined as an Officer

Kelly, Michael – Grennanstown, 8th Btn Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.  Gassed at                           Hulluch, Survived
Lynch, Coleman – 5th Leinsters
Lynch, Patrick – 5th Leinsters
Lynch, Thomas – Irish Guards
Maguire, James – Leinsters
Maguire, Stephen – 5th Leinsters
Martin, Thomas – Irish Guards
McClorey, Owen – 5th Leinsters
McNamee, James – 5th Leinsters
Moore, Bernard – Irish Guards
Munn, Walter – 5th Leinsters
Parr, Sydney John – Dragoons, joined as an Officer
Parr, Victor Henry – Inniskilling Fusiliers, joined as an Officer
Piggott, John – Army Service Corps
Purdon, – Rifle Brigade, joined as an Officer
Reilly, Edward – 5th Leinsters
Reilly, Edward – 5th Leinsters
Reilly, Hugh – Irish Guards
Reilly, James – 5th Leinsters
Rourke, John – Irish Guards
Seery, Michael – 5th Leinsters
Sheridan, Christopher – 5th Leinsters
Smith, James – 5th Leinsters
Tully, Terence – 5 Leinsters
Walker, R.H. – Southern Irish Horse, joined as an Officer
Watson, John – 8th Battalion Dublin Fusiliers
Wright, C – 3rd King’s Own, joined as an Officer

Australian Imperial Force

Martin, Patrick – Nr 879, 6th Light Horse, Australian Imperial Force,                                             Son of Thomas Martin, Baskinagh, Athboy

Brownlow, Richard George – Nr 1893, 18th Btn 5th Inf Brigade,                                                       Australian Imperial Force. Son of John Brownlow, Lr                                                         Bridge St,  Athboy

Tuite, Christopher – Nr 3729, 45th Btn, Australian Imperial Force.                                                  Son of Julia Tuite, Derrylangan, Athboy

Sherlock, Matthew – Nr 6592, 14th Btn, Australian Imperial Force.                                                   Brother of Peter Sherlock, Sherlockstown, Athboy

Daly, Patrick Joseph – 4th Field Ambulance, Australian Imperial Force.                                         Son of Margaret Daly, Rahoney, Athboy


Canadian Expedition Force

Harvey, Frederick Maurice Watson – Lieutenant, Lord Strathcona’s                                   Horse.   Son of Rev A. T. Harvey. Awarded a Victoria Cross

Black, George Edward – 50th Battalion Canadian Expedition Force                                   Son of William Black, Royal Irish Constabulary

Roe, George Augustus Dobbyn – 76th Battery Field Artillery, Canadian                           Expedition Force.  Son of John Roe, Bridge Street, Clerk of                                           Petty  Sessions.


New Zealand Force

Harvey, Frank Newenham – Medical Doctor in New Zealand Army.


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