Headstones & Monuments of Moyaugher Graveyard

Located at a quiet country crossroads about 3 miles from Athboy, Moyaugher Graveyard is a very old burial ground set around the ruins of an old church. The oldest inscription which I found dates from 1712. The graveyard is still in use today and is well cared for by families who have plots there. In his great historical work The Diocese of Meath Ancient and Modern, published in the 1860s, Dean Cogan records that the old church of Moyagher was sixty-eight feet by nineteen feet eight inches and a ruin, most of the stones having been carried off to build a church at Killua. The Graveyard was also, briefly, the home of the Brady family during the 1840s.


This graveyard was recorded in the 1970s by well-known local historian, Dr. Beryl F. E. Moore and her work published in The Irish Ancestor magazine which is available in Navan Library. The record which I publish here cross references her work and updates it as necessary from my own survey.

This is a complete list of inscriptions in Moyagher Graveyard as of July 2016.

BOLAND. In loving memory of Marcella Boland, Balrathboyne, who died 18th Jan 1979 aged 67. Also her husband Thomas who died 13th Mar 1982 aged 80

BRADY. In loving memory of John Brady died 11th Feb 1873, his daughter Bridget Nulty died 24th Decr 1901, his wife Anne Brady died 26th June 1906, Kathleen Cassidy died August 1921.

BYRNE. Erected by Matthew Byrne Doramstown in memory of his father and mother, Thomas and Marcella Byrne, also his three sisters Mary, Bridget and Julia Byrne. Also their brother James Byrne who died August 17th 1876 aged 65 years.

CASSERLY. In loving memory of Edward (Ned) Casserly, Moyagher, died 20th Aug 2004 aged 84.

CASSERLY. In loving memory of Jack Casserly, Milltown, died 8th Jan 1992 aged 73 years. His wife Kathleen died 7th Jun 2008 aged 91 years.

CASSIDY. In loving memory of Charles Cassidy, Moyagher, died 18th Dec 1979 aged 79 years. Also his wife Catherine died 3rd Aug 1980 aged 81 years. Their daughter Maisie Farrell who died 26th Nov 2013 aged 87.

CASSIDY. In loving memory of Oliver Cassidy, Moyagher, died 24th May 1994 aged 55 years.

CLARKE. In loving memory of Paddy Clarke, Moyagher, died 29th Jun 2002

CODD. In loving memory of Mary Codd of Balrathboyne died tragically 27th Nov 1983 aged 23 years. Her mother Emily died 3rd Sep 1998 aged 76 years. Her father Patrick died 9th Jan 2004 aged 80 years. Baby Gerard Patrick died 30th Jan 1963.

COYLE. This stone was erected by Mrs Mary Coyle of Moyaugher in memory of her beloved husband Patrick Coyle who died August 18 1868 aged 88 years. Also his mother Mary Coyle who died February 25 1879 aged 97 years. And also Thomas son of the above Patrick Coyle who died June 8 1886 aged 25 years. Mrs Elizabeth Griffin died June 10th 1895. Matthew Coyle died 10th May 1901, Mrs Mary Coyle died April 25th 1910. Kate Coyle wife of Matthew Coyle died 24 June 1944 aged 78 years.

DOLAN. In loving memory of Patsy Dolan died 15th Oct 1996 and her husband Jimmy died 4th Aug 2005.

DOLAN. Patrick Dolan, Moyagher 1957

DOLAN. Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on the soul of Patrick Dolan, Moyaugher, died 20th Jan 1957. Also his wife Susan Jane Dolan died 19th Jan 1979. Patrick Dolan Jnr died 15th Mar 1990 aged 65 years. William Dolan died 7th Jun 1992 aged 64.

DONEGAN. In loving memory of Mary Donegan, Gillstown, Athboy, who died 1st May 1984 aged 84.

DUNNE. Baby David who died 30th Dec 2008

FARNAN. In loving memory of John Farnan, Moyagher, died 6th Sep 1984.

FARNAN. In loving memory of Thomas Farnan, Moyagher, died 13th Dec 1974 aged 61 years. His wife Kitty died 20th Jul 1985 aged 83 years. Their son Mick died 9th Jul 1997 aged 62 years, interred in England. Hugh died 22nd Jan 2005 aged 67 years.

FARRELL. Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on the soul of Patrick Farrell Milltown House, Cortown, Kells, died 29th May 1965 aged 64 years. And his wife Annie who died 20th Nov 1991 aged 84 years.

FARRELLY. Erected 8 of Decr 1834 by Rev Philip Farrelly of Moynalty in memory of his parents Bryan and Judith Farrelly of Maperath, his brothers James, Hugh, Patrick and Owen Farrelly and also of all his deceased relatives for whose eternal repose the pious faithful are earnestly requested to pray.

FARRELLY. John Farrelly of Balrathboyne, 1968 aged 89 years.

FARRELLY. Lord have mercy on John Farrelly, Balrathboyne died 16th Apr 1968 aged 89. His wife Kathleen died 18th May 1937. Their son John died 19th Nov 1989. Dan died 24th Jan 2006. Their daughter Mary, Sr. Francis, died 14th Dec 2005 interred at Deansgrange Cemetery. Their son Kevin died 29th Jul 2007.

FARRELLY. Patrick Farrelly, Milltown House, Cortown, Kells. Died 1965 aged 64 years.

FINNEGAN. In loving memory of Jack Finnegan, Moyagher, who died 28th Jul 1983 aged 64 and his wife Marjorie who died 22nd Dec 1989 aged 70

GAUGHRAN. Here lyeth the body of Mr Thos Gaughran of Athboy County of Meath who departed this life Febr ye 11th 1768 in ye 31st year of his age. Also his brother John who died ye 27th of August 1772 aged 17 years. And on the 29th day of May their father John Gaughran departed this life aged 72 years.

GILL. In loving memory of Michael Gill, Jamestown, died 23rd Nov 1980 aged 74 years and his loving wife Josephine died 20th Jul 2009 aged 92 years

GILL. Erected by Rose Gill to her father James Gill who died 1890, her mother Mary Gill died 1904, her brother Matthew died 1898, her uncle John Gill died 1899, her sister Anne died 1925, her sister Catherine died 1936, her brother Patrick died 1941, her brother John died 1945. Rose Gill died 18th May 1954.

GILL. In loving memory of Christopher Gill, Milltown, Cortown, died 31st May 1985 aged 82 years. His wife Mary (Molly) died 23rd Oct 2006 aged 90 years. Their son Pat died 20th Jan 2009 aged 59 years.

GILL. In loving memory of John Gill, Jamestown. Also his wife Kate and family

GILL. In loving memory of Thomas Gill of Gillstown who died 15th Jan 1980. His wife Jane who died 1st Sept 1947. His parents Kathleen Gill, Jamestown, died 24th Oct 1924. John died 1st Feb 1938. His brother Patrick died 3rd Dec 1933 and his sister Mary died 8th Feb 1955.

GILSENAN. Treasured memories of Thomas Gilsenan, Milltown, died 22nd Sep 1985 aged 62.

GOLOUGHER. Here lyeth ye body of Farrel Golougher who depd ye life Feby ye 2d 1712 aged 48 years. Erected by his son.

GOSSON. This stone was erected by Patrick Gosson of Berford as a grateful tribute to the memory of his brother Revd Richard Gosson who departed this life the 6th day of November 1806 in the 35 year of his age. Sincerely and deservedly regretted. Here also are the remains of his father, mother and sister.  (For further information on this burial see “Athboy Times Past Part 4” on this website).

HARTE. In loving memory of Caroline Harte, Milltown, died 21st Jan 1996 aged 20 years. Her brother Thomas died 29st Jan 1972 aged 2 years. Their father Desmond (Dessie) died 22nd May 2010 aged 81.

KERRIGAN. In loving memory of Anne Kerrigan, Jamestown, who died 22nd Nov 1981 aged 82 years. Her brother Edward who died 26th Aug 1990 aged 75 years. Their niece Christina died 28th Dec 2013 aged 86

LYNCH. Erected by James Lynch land surveyor in memory of his wife Mary Lynch alias Reilly daughter of Mr Francis Reilly late of Athcarne depd. this life 4th of August 1821, likewise his father and mother and 7 of their children.

MILLEN and MILLION. Erected by Patrick Millen, March 1923 in memory of his parents James and Jane Millen, also the above Patrick Millen who died 26th March 1932 aged 75, natives of Jamestown and Miltown. Thomas Million died 17th Dec 1945 aged 76 yrs. James Million died 5th Aug 1948 aged 38 yrs on whose souls sweet Jesus have mercy.

MILLIEN. This monument was erected by Thos Millien of Allenstown as a grateful tribute due to the memory of his beloved mother Anne Millien alias Plunkett who dept. this life April the 1st 1815 aged 72 years. Also his father Paul Millien who departed this life.

MILLION. This monument was erected by Patrick Million of Jamestown in memory of his father Richard Million who departed this life August 21st 1805 aged 60 years. Also his mother Mary Million alias Keegan who departed this life Sept 12th 1837 aged 78 yrs. John Million died 17th Dec 1890, Peter Million died 20th Aug 1906, Mary Million died 22nd Nov 1936.

MOONEY. In loving memory of John Mooney, Rathmore, Athboy, who died 13th Oct 1927 aged 57 years. His wife Elizabeth who died 7th Mar 1955 aged 78 years. Their daughter Lillie who died 15th Mar 1979 aged 64 years. Their son Eugene who died 18th Dec 1957 aged 51 years. His wife Betty who died 3rd Jan 1978 aged 78 years.

MURTAGH. Mathew Murtagh, Milltown, died 1956

MURTAGH. Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on the soul of Matthew Murtagh of Milltown, who died 22nd Sep 1956. Also his wife Brigid who died 26th Mar 1980. Anna Murtagh who died 10th Aug 1996 aged 62 years. And her husband Michael who died 9th May 2006 aged 80 years.

NEWMAN. Erected by Mr Newman of Gardenrath in memory of his parents, sister and brothers who died 17th Nov 1813 and the relics of his posterity. Requiescant in pace.

NEWMAN. Erected by Hugh Newman to his wife Anne died 1916 aged 67 yrs. And his child Thomas died 1884 aged 16 mths. Also his parents Thaddeus and Mary Newman. Hugh died 1939 aged 88 yrs and his children Timothy, James, John, Bridget, Elizabeth, Jane also lie here.

NEWMAN. Here lyeth ye body of John Newman who departed this life April ye 16, 1735 aged 53 yrs. Also lieth ye body of James Newman who departed in ye year 1729 aged 56.

NEWMAN. Here lyeth ye body of Thad Newman decd. April ye 26 1766 aged 71 yrs. Also his daughter Elinor decd Augst ye 16 1741 aged 20 yrs. This stone was erected by his son Thomas Newman whose brother Hugh and his sons John and Thaddeus Newman of Mooneystown are buried here.

NEWMAN. This monument was erected by Rev Christopher Newman PP Kilbride, Co Meath to his father Richard Newman of Kilmainham who died 18th Nov. 1830, also his mother Margaret who died 27th of Novr 1838 and of his brother Patrick who died 23rd of July 1843, also in memory of his sister Jane who died 3rd of July 1849 and of his beloved sister Margaret Landy of Kells who died 5th April 1863. Requiescant in pace. Amen.

NEWMAN. This stone was erected by Patrick Newman where underlyeth his father James Newman who departed this life in the year 1729 aged 56 years. Likewise his son James who departed this life April 5th 1773 aged 19 years. Also his brother Owen Newman who departed this life in the year 1760 aged 48 years. Eternal rest give them O Lord.

O’CONNOR. In loving memory of Joseph O’Connor died 2nd Feb 1931. His wife Bridget died 13th Feb 1987

O’CONNOR. 1931

PLUNKETT / BEGG. This stone slab, located within the ruined walls of the old church, was completely inaccessible during my visit. It was completely overgrown with vegetation. This inscription which I give here is from the work of Dr. Beryl F.E. Moore. “Hic Jacet Christopher Plunket cum sua uxore ca Therina Begg quond de Moya Gher generos qui me fieri ano MDCXXX”

REILLY. In loving memory of Mrs Alice Reilly Moyagher died 21st Feb 1977 aged 68 years. Also her husband Michael died 22 Nov 1981 aged 73. Their son Chris died 14th Mar 2014 a

REILLY. In loving memory of Laurence Reilly, Moyagher, died 14th Jul 1990. His daughter Kathleen died 1st Mar 1947 aged 3 months. His son Larry (La) died 23 Feb 2000 aged 52 years. His wife Jane (Jenny) died 17th Mar 2015 aged 93 years

REILLY. In loving memory of Mary (Masie) Reilly, Milltown, died 5th Nov 2002 aged 62 years.

REILLY. In loving memory of my dear wife Kathleen Reilly, Piercetown, died 8th Feb 1960 aged 39 years. Her son Hugh died 26th Feb 1948. Her husband Hugh Reilly who died 7th Aug 1995 aged 79 years

REILLY. In loving memory of our son James Reilly, Jamestown, who died tragically 21st Jan 1969 aged 19 years. His father Christopher (Kit) who died 17th Aug 1979 aged 65 years. And his mother Bridget died 21st Jan 2011 aged 89 years.



RYDER. Pray for the soul of Chr Ryder his wife and children who lye beneath this stone erected by his daughter Bridget Ryder 1802.

SMITH. Erected by Rev J Smith, PP Sidney Australia in memory of his mother Anne Smith, Athboy, died 1921, his father Michael Smith, died 1922, his brother John Smith died 1915, his brother Michael Smith died 1942 aged 67. Rev James Smith PP died 1948, also Thomas died 1950.

SMITH. In loving memory of Charles Smith, Balrathboyne, died 27 Jan 1982 aged 67 years. His wife Anne (Dolly) died 14th Mar 2004 aged 74. Their son Anthony (Tony) died 30th Oct 2008 aged 56. Also Noel and Annette

SMYTH. Edward Smyth of Carlanstown, Kells, who died 1967 aged 43 years, and his father Patrick who died 1951 aged 78 years.

SMYTH. In loving memory of Edward Smyth Carlanstown, Kells died 17th Oct 1967 aged 43. Also his father Patrick died 8th July 1951 aged 78. Also Kathleen beloved wife of Edward died 8th April 1996 aged 68 years.

SMYTH. In loving memory of Ellen Smyth died 3-12-1969 aged 82. Mary Smyth died 7-12-60 aged 77. Kate Stanley died 5-11-62 aged 75. John Stanley died 12-10-48. Patrick Joseph Smyth died 3-12-2012 aged 76.

SMYTH. Pray for Keith Smyth died 5-3-2016. RIP

TOBIN. Here lies ye body of Thos Tobin who died March ye 26 1758 aged 30. This stone was erected by Mattw his father, also ye body of Mattw Tobin died April 23 1763 aged 72 yrs.

YORE. In loving memory of Matthew Yore, Milltown, Cortown, died 24th Jul 1982 and his wife Rose who died 12th Nov 1999.

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